PAT Test Label

PAT Testing

A Safe Working Environment

Faulty electrical equipment is a serious hazard in the workplace and at home. Electric shocks are an obvious result of poorly maintained devices and yet every year, properties and premises are destroyed in fires caused by an electrical malfunction. It’s therefore important to get a professional and qualified expert in to check your appliances are all working as they should.

Laws And Regulations

PAT testing laws apply to almost everyone; whether you’re a landlord, employer or a self-employed individual. The purpose of PAT testing is to ensure all portable electrical appliances are safe, suitable and used for the purposes they were intended for. Conforming to these regulations will help you avoid violations and keep you and those around you safe.
Electrical equipment of any kind can become a hazard if it is not looked after or properly maintained. Regular checks, inspections and periodic testing will help highlight damages and faults, safeguarding users from harm.

Dedicated Testing Team

Our team have extensive knowledge and experience at conducting PAT tests on a huge range of portable electrical items.

Why run the risk of injury, or worse, by ignoring this basic health and safety requirement?

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